Sunday, April 27, 2008


We registered Hayley for Kindergarten this week. It's kind of crazy to me. A year ago we thought we were going to homeschool because of some reservations we have with the schools in our area and the full-day schedule. I can't believe we've done a 180 and she's now registered to start in September! But we feel like it's a good decision for her for now. If mommy can keep the panic attacks at bay I think Hayley will do just great!

I had no idea how much paperwork I had to fill out to register her. I marched into the school office with 3 kids thinking we'd just fill out one paper and it would be a great experience for everyone. Maya could see where Hayley is going to go and start to get used to the idea and Hayley could check out her new school.

I didn't take the diaper bag, a toy or a snack for anyone. Turns out there was a stack of papers waiting for me. Alice started crying as soon as we got in there. So there I was bouncing a baby on my hip, signing enless forms while I tried to keep Hayley and Maya in line and wondering where the "great experience" went?!? After about 5 minutes Hayley said "Mom, I don't like school!"


Kayelynn said...

Yeah for kindergarten! We love the full-day schedule. Justin has school T/Th and every other Monday. Will Haley have school every day? I thought the long day would be too much. Now I think the half-day schedule would be hard. I'd barely get anything done and he'd be home again. Gotta love that stack of registration papers!

JaNae said...

It's 5 days a week 9:10-3:40. I just don't want to give her up...seems like I'll never see her anymore. I like your schedule! It bothers me that just because most moms work we now have state-funded day-care in the form of Kindergarten.

But, she really needs more social interaction (we're a little crazy trying to keep her busy at home all the time!) so, we're going to give it a shot. The academics are secondary to's not like they learn that much in Kindergarten that they don't already know.

Andy and Krista said...

JaNae- You are such a trooper. I know the kindergarten thing is scary- you know I still feel that way sometimes. I love the pics though- you captured the moment! I am sure you will laugh about it in 3 years when you go to register Maya!!

Rhonda said...

I can't believe Hayley is already going to Kindergarten!! Full-day does seem like it will be hard to transition to though. But, I am sure she will make friends fast and love it!
You really are such a trooper to register with all 3 of them. Whew- it seems so hard to get out with just one!
P.S.- I still can't get over how amazing your blog looks!

JANA said...

I'll make a mental note to self. I still have to register Alyvia. I still can't believe they're going to kindergarten! So, does Scout go to the same kindergarten? That would be fun to have a familiar face!