Sunday, November 9, 2008

Daddy Adoration

One Sunday morning in September, I had a moment of apprciation for what a great Dad Ryan is! Don't get me wrong...I appreciate him everyday...he's amazing! But on this day I captured the moment on camera which makes it blog-worthy.

While I was getting ready for church, Ryan was getting all the girls in their dresses. When I walked in to begin doing everyone's hair, I saw these 3 cute girls surrounding their daddy. He had them captivated with some game. Their little eyes just sparkled with pleasure from the attention they were getting from their dad.

I love that Ryan has these girls wrapped around his finger just as much as he is wrapped around theirs! They are all big fans of dad and I love that. What better thing could I give my daughters that a daddy that they adore!

Words to describe Ryan, the Dad: attentive, caring, patient, sensitive, fun, imaginative.

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Joyce said...

I just love that a good kid has turned into a great dad.