Sunday, November 9, 2008


Alice is a little fish! This kid loves to splash -- she tops the "soak-mom factor" of the other two put together. I think it's all made possible by the fact that she doesn't care if water splashes in her face. In fact, she thinks it's funny!

So while Maya starts into a melt down yelling "Towel! Towel!" and stops splashing as soon as a drop touches her face, Alice just splashes more because she thinks it's so funny. It results in a very wet mom and bathroom. Unfortunately, I can't dodge too much because I have to be within arms reach to grab her when she goes under. Hopefully her wrecklessness in the tub doesn't transfer into other areas of her life...even slipping under the water just gets her excited!

If nothing else, it makes for entertaining bathtimes!


Joyce said...

The bath time pictures are adorable.

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Oh JaNae, you have such beautiful girls. ! I just keeping looking at the pictures over and over again!! I think you just need to post more!! I love it when you have more posts!! I get so excited!! I love you and really need to talk to you!! It is getting ridiculous!! I love youxxx