Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

We pulled off our first family theme ever: Strawberry Shortcake and Friends!

Dad: Huckleberry Pie (the only boy in Strawberry Shortcake...and our family!)
Mom: Ginger Snap
Hayley: Angel Cake
Maya: Strawberry Shortcake
Alice: Frosty Puff

The girls are really into Strawberry Shortcake right now (especially Maya). I was excited when they both got really excited about picking characters for everyone. I had a lot of fun getting into Halloween for once. It was fun to make the hats and figure out everyone's outfits--the girls were so excited to all have stripe-y tights. Ryan's costume was especially-hard...I cut out an "H" and pinned it on his hat! He was a good sport!

We had a fun Halloween night trick or treating in our neighborhood then running over to the party at church where we played games and did a trunk-or-treat. Alice would have rather been in bed but by the end of the night was excited that she learned about suckers...and joined her sisters on their sugar high!


melbel said...

So cute! We're not into Strawberry Shortcake, although I'm sure Emily would love it. I'll have to check it out sometime. Anyway, I just have to say you have me HOOKED on the hair style website! Your version of the star pony-tail is flawless! I may have to try one or two...if Emily has the patience.

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

They turned out so cute!! I love the hats! Next year hopefully...we will have a family themed halloween! I just need to plan ahead! Love ya xx

Kayelynn said...

Cute idea, JaNae! I love those darling hats! Your girls will be loving those for dress-ups!

Joyce said...

You all look adorable. I'm glad you explained the "H" on Ryan's cap - it kind of looked like a bow. The hats could not be cuter.

Becky & Gerald said...

Hayley really knows how to strike a pose! Those were very cute costumes!

Andy and Krista said...

Those constumes turned out super cute! Way to go JaNae, I am once again impressed with Super Mom!

Grandma Thiriot said...

JaNae, I'm a little slow on the comments but....The girls and Mom and dad looked super!! Thanks for taking the time to make a "memorable" costume for the girls. These extras in motherhood take our time and energy but seem to always be worth it. In years to come the girls will not say "Wow, didn't Mom do a great job cleaning the bathroom in 2008?" But rather, "Wow, do you remember the darling hats Mom took the time to make us for Halloween and then we played dress up in them for years to come?" Thanks for getting the priorities right!! Grandma Thiriot