Monday, November 10, 2008

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe (JaNae's little brother) came to visit for a week on his way to BYU this summer. Yes, these pictures are from August! Better late than never!

We visited the Marine Corps Museum. On our way out we saw this massive moth on the wall of the museum. It was the size of my hand! Joe is fascinated with bugs and small creatures. I definitely don't share his passion but as long as he keeps them out of my face and doesn't leave dead specimens at my house, I do appreciate all the creatures that he notices and points out when he's around. The girls of course love having an uncle that will play with bugs with them!

We love the national park that's just a mile or two from us. Most summer visitors that we have end up there at some point. We had a picnic and went on a hike. Kids are always happiest in the dirt...I think we even had time to play a card game...rare, nowadays!

On our last day with Joe, we headed to a little water park. The best part: a cold Maya-girl likes to cuddle!

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Kayelynn said...

So fun! Can we come and visit too? It's good to see you Joe! Have fun in school!