Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alice's Blessing Day

We blessed Alice on Sunday, May 4th. It was a beautiful and happy day. We felt so loved and supported by so many friends and family that are in the area and came to share the day with us.

Somehow in all the happy and friendly chaos we only managed to snap a few pictures. I need to put Alice back in her dress and take some good close-ups...but for now I just zoomed in on the group shot.

In the picture below: My brother Dean and his three boys (Nathaniel, Ethan and Jonathan). My cousin Darrin Thiriot and his wife Monica and 4 kids (Kaitlyn, James, Madilyn, Jacob). Our friend from SLC Anne Rowley and her husband Blaine. Our friend from BYU-days, Scott Larson. Not in the picture--Andy & Krista Allphin and thier kids Carly and Parker were also there.

We had fun going to church together then enjoying dinner and an attempt at conversation with some pretty wound up kids running through the house! They were all best-buds really fast. Guess "loud" get togethers is what we get at this stage of life! Thanks everyone for your support.


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

It looks like you color coordinated the whole group! Darrin and Monica's girls match perfectly!!

Diana said...

Alice is a doll. I'm glad that everything went well. Wish we could have been there!

Andy and Krista said...

It was fun JaNae!! Thanks for having all of us!!

Kayelynn said...

Did you make her beautiful little blessing gown? I didn't realize you have so many relatives living nearby. Lucky you! Looks like a lot of fun!