Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Morning Clinic

This morning we were playing in the basement. I ran upstairs for 2-3 minutes. I left Alice laying on the carpet and told the girls to "be gentle, I'll be right back." When I came back this is what I found:

Can you tell which is the real baby and which is the doll?

In the time I was gone, they had gotten the dr's kit stuff out and set up their own little Saturday Morning Clinic. It was funny to watch. Alice seemed exicted about all the attention although I had to supervise a few procedures. And of course the appointment ended abruptly when a stethescope hit her in the face...opps! Don't they go over that in medical school?

Dr. Hayley and Nurse Maya

(they are both very thorough about taking notes during all the procedures!)

"No, please don't give me a shot!"

Since I know how much Hayley hates ripping bandaids off I thought it was thoughtful of her to put Alice's bandaid on her shirt.

You'll be happy to know that we have a very large baby: weighing in at "84 and 5 lbs"!

What great drs they'll make.


Gina said...

Oh this is so cute!
The cutest part is that Alice and the other baby doll look almost identical in the first picture. Adorable.

Andy and Krista said...

Boy- that first picture freaked me out a little! I really did have to look twice to figure out which one was Alice! I hope Maya is recovering from her bumps and bruises...

Kayelynn said...

Only the best from these doctors! So cute and I love that they took note! Alice is one lucky patient!

Diana said...

this is adorable. What a bunch of cute pictures. Your girls are so cute. My favorite - "No shots please!"