Friday, May 9, 2008

All My Dreams Come True!

I turned 30 today! Pretty crazy. It sounds so old and yet I'm so happy with where I'm at in life that I can't really be depressed. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and three little girls that I love with all my heart! Life is good.

I had a wonderful day. Ryan and the girls made sure they spoiled me. I had requested smoothies instead of a cake so the girls made me a play-dough cake so I could still blow out all my many candles.

But the most exciting part was that all my dreams came true...let me explain...

About 2 years ago I was a little shocked at how far I had come down the "mommy-road" when I admitted that my three biggest material desires were

1. A mini-van (yes, I really really wanted one!)
2. A wheat grinder
3. A Bosch mixer

Not the same list that I had 10 years ago I admit!

In the last 2 years we have bought a van:

and a wheat grinder: the final wish was granted!

I can't beging to describe how fun it is to watch the mixer do the mixing after mixing it by hand every week for 2 years! We just really love homemade bread in our house and can't get enough of it.

Of course, the girls were more excited about the box that the mixer came in then the actual machine...but that gave us lots of time to whip up some cookies! I guess I need to come up with a mid-life crisis wish-list!


Kayelynn said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great day! 30 is fun! I thought about you today when we were singing to Justin. How clever that the girls made you a play-doh cake!

Gina said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You look darling! I think we're about at the same point in our lives...I was so happy when my grinder and wheat came in the mail this week! Ah. Mommyhood. It's wonderful!
Happy Mother's Day too!

Ferrel Family said...

Happy Birthday JaNae!! Love the mixer, your wish list sounds a lot like mine! I'm glad all your wishes have come true. Glad you had a great day!

Alyvia says "Happy Birthday! Catepillar, Cat, Dog, Hayley."

Andy and Krista said...

Ooh- I am so glad you got that Bosch up and going! Did the bread turn out just as fabulous as when you do it by hand??? Mmmm... your bread is so good.