Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caterpillars & Butterflies

There have been so many caterpillars outside our house last week. I have to be careful not to step on them. Mom almost stepped on one when we came out of the store one day. I love caterpillars and butterflies. Butterflies have pretty wings. I like to watch them fly. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. One day we made pretend caterpillars and butterflies and put them in our yard. They looked so pretty.
(Note from mom: these were such fun crafts to make...the caterpillars are just egg cartons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom poms. The butterflies are made out of coffee filters--use water-color paints and they bleed into each other, or if you use markers just sprinkle with water after you color. Then paint clothes pins and clip them in the middle then spread their wings. You can clip them onto curtains, lamps or whatever. Keep a pile of those coffee filters in your craft drawer--I'm always coming up with new uses for them--they make the best snowflakes.)


Rhonda said...

It sounds like you know a lot about caterpillars and butterflies! I love the pictures of the ones you made. You are so talented!
Aunt Rhonda

Tammy Messick said...

Hayley! Thanks for sharing your story about caterpillars. Make sure your mom doesn't step on any!

Love Tammy