Friday, May 9, 2008

Girls' Week

I just got all the pictures that we took on Nancy's camera while she was here a week or two ago. They pretty much tell all that we did...

We made lots of baby burp cloths for Nancy's soon-to-arrive baby girl.
Now she can burp in style and we hope she spit up lots! (j/k Nancy!)

Peek-a-boo Alice.
This is Alice in a front pack on my tummy--talking and smiling at me. What a cutie!

A friend gave Nancy a darling baby outfit while she was out here for her baby...Alice was kind enough to model it for her soon-to-be cousin.

We went to watch Dean's boys (Nathaniel & Ethan) play their soccer games on Saturday morning. Then had a picnic lunch in the park.

Nancy and I shopped (with our helpers Maya and Alice) all afternoon then we met Dean & Kristen & kids at an Indian Resaurant. Dean thinks that Indian food is "Celestial"! We felt privledged to be able to enjoy his favorite place. Plus eating at a restaurant with 6 kids is always a fun memory! Thanks Dean! Fun day.

Pictures after church with our pretty girls.

We had to take Nancy to our favorite fast food place here: Five Guys. It's this great burger and fries place and every day they display where their potatoes came from that day. It's always somewhere in thanks for traveling thousands of miles to enjoy Idaho potatoes Nance!

Hayley's home! This was the longest Hayley and Maya have ever been apart. They were so cute when they reunited! After a high-pitched scream and big hug Maya quickly turned some loud music on and they had to dance together. Then they both gave each other a present...isn't it great to have a sister!

Nancy and I had lots of fun shopping 'till we dropped! This is Maya in Michaels with us...she was a good little sport to tag along. When Hayley got home she got some good time with Aunt Nancy painting extra fancy nails.

A quick tribute to my Grandma Jolley. If she were still alive I think I'd send her a whole set of these books. I remember when Nancy was born (in England) and Grandma Jolley came to visit. From day #1 she called her "Foncy-Noncy" with her British accent! These Fancy Nancy books have become really popular recently and so we check them out from the library and I read them to my girls. Of course I say it just like Grandma..."Foncy-Noncy" and the girls think of Aunt Nancy. I think Nancy better wear her feather tu-tu and big high-heels the next time she visits!

All in all it was a fun week...let's do it again soon!


Jeni said...

Happy Birthday! I have heard so many good things about a bosch that I might want to trade in my Kitchenaide for one, one of these days.

Would you email your bread recipe to me? I would love to try it.

And where did you get the pattern for the burp cloths? So cute! I saw some baby bibs that were very similar to what you made (adorable fabrics and all) and haven't been able to figure out where the girl got the pattern.

Kayelynn said...

This post made me smile! I'm glad you two had a great week! I loved the picture collages you put together. Very cool!

Rhonda said...

I am glad you had so much fun with fancy-nancy! She is such a fun girl. Alice is soooo adorable and model's that outfit quite well!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

The pictures look great. You do such a good job putting them together! What a great summary to my trip. I loved every moment of it! Thank you Thank you! I miss you girls all ready! xxx

Andy and Krista said...

What fun sister time! I loved Alice in the baby outfit!!! :)