Saturday, March 14, 2009


Alice has discovered art! She loves to draw! Some days I feel like she's taking notes on my parenting mistakes as she follows me around the house with her spiral notebook and pencil!

I even bought a second booster chair this week becasue I got tired of dragging her kitchen chair into the "craft table". She begs to get in her chair and colors for pretty long periods of time considering she's barely 1 years old! Hurray for craft time! I love it when kids can sit at the table and create...just didn't expect it to start this soon!

Scribble time!

Gotta love this face!

I just love the way that little tongue helps her concentrate!

We're working on establishing the rule that you only color and write on paper. But she's pretty young to get that and considering she has a pencil or crayon in her hand most of the time I'm just waiting for the writing on the wall to appear! In the meantime, I keep handing her notebooks to carry around with her little pencil with the hope that most of the art will end up there instead!


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Wow! I am so impressed! She is a smart one! I love that tongue sticking out. Love you Alice.

Anna said...

How do you get her not to eat the pencil/crayon etc?? I tried Eliza with chalking on our chalkboard and somehow the chalk disappeared and her mouth was green....hmmmm....sinister...

Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a cute little artist! That is amazing that she is able to have such an attention span with drawing. I love her concentration. What a doll!

Kayelynn said...

Cute! I like your idea to just cover the whole table with paper. You are so creative with your kids! I love it!