Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Nuts!

We have a kid with a peanut allergy!

Why do you always think these thing won't happen to you? I've had to tell myself that this really isn't that big of a deal and it could be much worse. But right at first, I felt a little bummed at how this will inconvenience me and complicate things. Plus my kid will miss out on the joys of peanut butter and reese pieces!

I had an inkling that she might be allergic to peanuts because of a reaction she had when she was 9 months old (when she accidently got a hold of some peanut butter) but was hoping it was just a sensitivity. I asked her doctor if we could get her tested at her 1 year appointment. He was no help...told me the tests aren't reliable until they're 4 years just avoid peanut butter for 3 more years. Are you kidding? Just avoid it for fun...just in case? Does he know what country we live in?

I wasn't willing to go through that much trouble when there may not even be a problem. So I drove us to a emergency room parking lot and fed her part of a peanut butter sandwich. She loved it!

Unfortunately within 15 minutes this was what she looked like. Luckily it was just hives all over her face and miserably itchy so we didn't have to utilize the emergency room. Benedryl cured the problem and knocked her out within 30 minutes. I felt bad for her but am glad to know that I'm avoiding it for a reason!

So now we've joined the many paranoid parents that carry an epi-pen and hope to never use it.

As a side note. I'm really lucky that I have an Aunt that is very highly educated and well respected in homeopathy and works with patients with allergies all the time. So we're going to go down that road in hopes that we can lessen her sensitivity and figure out what nuts she can and can't have. But if any of you out there have more tips and tricks for me...let me know!


Skye L. said...

Ohh that stinks! I love pb & J. Hayes got peanut butter at like 10 months and had the same reaction. His eyes were swollen shut and a rash all over. so I thought he might be allergic too. I didn't give him some for a year and now it doesn't seem to bother him. Hopefully she isn't allergic to other nuts!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Oh, poor girls!! My eyes started watering just looking at the picture!! hopefully she will grow out of it fast!! I have no advice, sorry! Love you

Kayelynn said...

Oh JaNae! That's so hard! Tyler can't have PB either. But my mom tested that he could have cashew butter and that has worked out wonderfully. (Trader Joe's has a good selection of alternative butters like sunflower seed, almond, soy and cashew for a great price.)

The rest of us can still have the regular PB and Ty just has his own. The tricky part has been with preschool, etc. (He can't have wheat or dairy, either.) I have learned to ask lots of questions about snacks at different events. Good luck! Just remember you aren't the only one!

Lynsey said...

OH! Poor girl!! She's tough!
It's so good to see how your family is doing! Keep posts coming and take care!
Chris and Lynsey Williamson

Alice said...

Poor sweet Alice! Ryan mentioned her allergic reaction to peanuts at work, but my heart just broke when I saw these pictures! Best of luck to baby Alice and to the rest of your family!