Saturday, March 14, 2009

President's Day

On President's day, Mount Vernon is free! Although these days we are definitely residents not tourists of this fine city, we decided to brave the crowds and take advantage of the freebee! My friend Jana was nice enough to meet up with us and our kids had fun even though it was really cold and really packed!

Cute little miniature parade...the guy that was on the mic warned us not to take a bathroom break or it'd be over before we got back! Perfect length for us on a cold day! There were even farm animals marching in the fun!

Recognize the view from the back lawn of the Potomac? Ryan and I just watched the second National Treasure movie...makes me want to go back to Mount Vernon to do the tour of where they filmed it!

Sometimes I just wish I could climb in there and keep warm too!!!

I have to say, we hadn't been to Mount Vernon since our first year here (5 years ago). They've added so much fun stuff. A great big visitors center and museum that seems really hands-on. I was glad we could get a quick overview but will have to go back to really get a chance to enjoy it without all the crowds!

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