Sunday, March 15, 2009

Journaling Jog through Feb/March...

I love this picture of girls reading books on the floor together.

We've been reading lots lately and I love it. We've introduced them to a few different chapter book series that are fun to read all together--Boxcar Children, Magic Ballerina, Rainbow Magic Fairy.

Hayley is on the verge of taking off on her own with chapter books which is exciting. Maya actually just started reading her own starter books...considering she was learning her alphabet 6 months ago, we're really impressed with that kid!

Alice tries her best to keep up with her big sisters. She has found some little backpacks that we have and loves to wear them all over the place. She'll bring one to us with a very convincing request to put it on her! What cracks me up, is that after we put it on, as she's heading out on her next adventure, she always sticks her hands behind her back and taps the bottom of it to make sure it's there. What a cutie!

And this brings us to the magic princess castle that G&G T sent. As town-home dwellers that are quickly out-growing our own hut we were thrilled with such an awesome idea....a fun and magical tent and tunnel that folds down to the size of a large book! Scored points with me and the girls Mom and Dad! Thanks! And since we are obsessed with fairies right now it usually functions as a fairy castle with fairy-Alice guarding the tunnel!

We're a little late this school year, but we finally enrolled the girls in ballet/tap classes! Hayley took them last year and is super excited to be back (although at a new place). This is Maya's first time taking any sort of class. We're really proud of her for being so brave and leaving mom and dad to go to class. It's a big step for her but is going well so far. We feel like it's a really necessary thing for our cautious little Maya to gain some independence.

For those in the area with little girls...I'm loving this new dance studio because it's just around the corner + the teachers are great with little kids + they have TVs and one way mirrors so I can see how they're doing without being visible. Sometimes only mom knows when she needs to struggle through and when it's best to slip her out for a minute to avert a major melt down!

Hayley has been our whiz-kid with Kids K'nex lately...making all sorts of fun creations. This one was a ferris wheel type thing.

This picture cracks me up because after I took a picture of Hayley with her latest creation she wanted one with Maya in it and was sweet enough to say that Maya had "helped" her so could have some credit. Maya on the other hand couldn't care less...just wanted me to take a picture of her smile Hayley...turn around Maya...all are happy!

One night when getting kids in the bathtub was proving to be harder than pulling teeth, I had the bright idea of letting them put their swimming suits on to get in. It's amazing how they came running! They wanted me to take a picture of them "going to the beach." What I want to know is...who teaches little girls how to strike poses?


Tammy said...

What a great journal for the month! I love how you've captured each of the girl's personalities.

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Send them this way!! We have a beach!! JaNae I love everything! What a fun and exciting post! They are so adorable and getting so big! I forget that Hayley is really becoming a big girl! Wow! Love you xxxx

Joyce said...

What darling girls. I just have to plan a trip to come see all of you soon. I am in the mood to hug a squeeze some cute little girls.

Joyce said...

I mean - hug AND squeeze.

Andy and Krista said...

Such cute pics..I am loving the Kid Knex. Have those been a hit at your house??? We might have to give that one a try... We need to get Hayley and Carly together...Spring Break!

Maren said...

Laurel loves the fairy books too. Kam and I have to take turns reading them to her because we seem to tire of them faster than she does. How fun to have them learning to read!

Tom and Shalaun said...

Hi JaNae. I like seeing pictures of Alice, as she's close in age to my youngest. I see things you do with your girls and think, "I wonder if my girls would have fun with that."

Thanks for the compliments you left on my blog. I don't have Photoshop or anything. I cheat by just using PowerPoint. Its not as nice, but we already have it.

Just a note, sometimes I like to print posters of collages for kids walls. I found a good company online called that is about the cheapest I've seen. Its $2 per poster (with $10 shipping, which covers as many posters as you want). They did a nice job if you are ever interested in that sort of thing.