Monday, March 30, 2009

A little bit of Maya

While we had the camera out, Ryan did a little interview with Maya. I realize this is probably too many movies of Maya for a lot of you but if you're an adoring fan of our little Maya...enjoy!

For journaling purposes here's the interview transcribed:
What's your name?
What's your full name? Your Messick name?
-Maya Anne Messick
How old are you?
-I don' t know (with some prompting...) this many (three fingers). Three.
What do you like to do?
-Swim in the swimming pool with my swim suit
What else?
-I love climbing in those boxes.
Do you have any sisters?
-Hayley, M--, Oh! and Alice, and so many friends.
What do you like about Alice?
-Umm...I love Alice's great big smile!
What do you like about Hayley?
-I love watching movies actually with Hayley
What's your favorite color?
-pink and purple and that's all the colors.
What's your favorite animal?
-pigs and....oh yeah, purple elephants and pink pigs!
What's your favorite activity?
-Pouring beans into stuff (dry beans & measuring cups)


Tammy said...

Keep 'em coming...I am an adoring fan. This is so darling.

Ferrel Family said...

Ok, I loved the tikki tikkit tembo post. Mia is so adoreable. You guys just need to keep having girls because they all turn out so cute! Glad you enjoyed the video about the credit crisis, it really is nuts!

Andy and Krista said...

Umm..hello! That was adorable!! Maya is such a much personality! I love it!