Sunday, February 15, 2009

Andrew & Mariana

My lil' brother Andrew and his wife Mariana came to visit!

They were on their way back from spending Christmas in England. Mariana's Mom, Raquel was with them also. We enjoyed a quick 2-day visit with them. I was so happy to finally get to know Mariana better! They've been married for almost 2 years and yet we haven't seen each other since the wedding. Thanks for taking the time to stop in guys! Once you clean our floor after dinner and witness melt-downs we can finally really feel like family!

My favorite Smithsonion--the American History Museum just re-opened after a 2 year rennovation. I was excited to use Andrew and Mariana's visit as a good excuse to pop in and check it out. Now I like that museum even more! They even added a whole bunch of kid-friendly stuff. Hurray! We love science and craft rooms in museums.

Ryan's Mom and sisters were also able to meet us downtown. Here's the picnic in the basement of the museum!

I think most of our good visit time took place in the here's to keeping kids quiet with a DVD and getting some talk-time in!
Saturday morning I had to be at a primary activity and they were all kind enough to come and support me...

And we scored...our visitors even showed us how to cook an authentic mexican meal. So Yummy! Now I know what to do with tostadas.

Don't you hate it when your mom and dad make you smile for a picture that you can't even open your eyes in? I remember having pictures like this all the time when I was a kid. So painful on the eyes! Here's evidence that I am now doing it to my kids! Oops!

My brother Dean's birthday was on the day that we dropped Andrew and Mariana off at their house to spend some time. Ryan and Andrew used a Wilton "Puzzle Cake" to design a Yoda cake for our dear brother that loves Star Wars.

Kristen had a new cool cake pan that made a ice cream filled cake...yummy! It was fun to get in on the party although we were sad to give Andrew and Mariana up so soon!

Thanks for the visit! Come back again soon!!!


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I love both the cake ideas! Wish I was there! xxx

Kayelynn said...

Fun pictures! That museum looks great! My boys would never want to leave!