Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mormon Temple Lights

Here's a little thing you may not know if you don't live in DC: Around here, traffic reports are really important. Whenever you get in the car you tune in to the latest traffic news before you think about hitting the freeway. Often you'll hear them referring to the "Mormon Temple." It's a major landmark on the beltway that goes around DC. I think it's pretty cool that everyone that lives around here know where the temple is.
If you do live around here and you've never stopped by to visit the know where it is...head on over (not just at Christmas-time)! It's really beautiful and peaceful to walk around the grounds and there's a great visitor center that you can check out even if you're not a Mormon...I promise, they're super nice!

We love to visit the temple every Christmas with the kids. The do an amazing job decorating all the trees with lights. It's spectacular. Pictures never do it justice. The kids also love to watch the live nativity and they have a huge variety of indoor concert/shows--one each night that is free. I think our favorite was the year we went to hear the bell choir.

Anyways, here's the official picture of the 2008 Temple visit!

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Kayelynn said...

I like the pictures! The D.C. temple was the first place I had ever seen fireflies for the first time! They looked so pretty twinkling around the temple grounds! I always think of that when I think of that temple.