Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year Ryan's mom came to visit for Christmas. His sister, Gina and her family live 30 minutes away and of course, another sister Tammy, lives with us. So we partied with the Messick side of the family.

On Christmas Eve they all came to our house for our traditional soups and cheese meal. We adopted this tradition from my family and love it! It's simple and doesn't leave me feeling like I have to think of something amazing for Christmas eve and Christmas day! When I was at home we would eat our soup and cheese by candle light (until someone spilled somthing--and then the lights would go on!) But as kids we thought it was so special to eat dinner by candlelight.

This year we made baked potato soup and pasta e fagioli. Everyone brough fancy cheeses and crackers.

Baked Potato Soup

8 slices bacon, cook drain remove from pan and crumble
1 c chopped onion (cook in a little of bacon fat)
2/3 c flour…add to onions and cook 1 minute (make a roux)

6 c chicken broth, cook until thick
5 large baked potatoes
2 cups half and half (I use milk)
2 tsp minced garlic
1 ½ tsp basil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
½ tsp tobasco sauce
1 cup chedder cheese, shredded

Serve in bowls. Top with sour cream, parsley, green onions, bacon.

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

In large pot:
1 pound hamburger, cooked
1 can or jar of spaghetti sauce
1 can of water
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can dark red kidney beans
1 can great northern beans
Cook in microwave for 5 minutes then add to pot:
2/3 cup celery, chopped
2/3 cup onion, chopped
½ cup carrots, grated
Cook then add to pot:
1 ½ cups macaroni

We had lots of good laughs and fun!

Of course, the traditional reading of the nativity and acting out. Then, we said goodbye to our guests...they all went to Gina & Kirtis' house for Christmas day.

We let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve. This year they both got matching nighties and bathrobes. We had all gotten a horrible tummy bug earlier in the week. We thought Hayely was the lucky one...but it hit her on Christmas Eve. Poor kid! She slept most of the evening and then woke up to open a present. It's amazing how a pile of presents helps you to get out of bed on Christmas morning!

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Kayelynn said...

Hey, we have the same IKEA our playroom for toys. Good idea to use it in your kitchen. It looks great!

I like the soup/cheese/crackers tradition!