Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

On January 31st...I bought the stroller I have been drooling over for the past several months. You may remember me going on and on about the amazing BOB stroller that I borrowed from a friend last year.'s amazing how creative I can get at coming up with the funds with the right motivation. I have to admit I wasn't quite there but REI's sale was on and we decided we better jump on it.

REI is a long drive for us so we made a day out of it. Somehow, we have no pictures of the great stroller that we came home with but this is what they all did while I debated forever about what color of stroller I wanted (pathetic...I really couldn't decide! Navy/grey or Orange/brown?)

I finally settled on the Orange/brown version of this fine product (like it really matters--this is about moving lots of little bodies easily!) Anyways, my life seems to have become significantly easier--at least going places on my own with lots of kids is less physcally demanding and stressful to me. Oh happy day!

I have a feeling that pictures of the new stroller will pop up in future posts!

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