Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Alice

Happy Birthday to our little Alice bug! Can't believe a year has flown by already. We feel so lucky to have this little doll part of our lives every day. I love this age. I love the little personality that is blossoming and developing!

Hayley was at school and Ryan didn't get home on her birthday until almost bedtime so I randomly sang "Happy Birthday" to her all day so that I felt like I was doing something for her! She would get so excited and clap her hands along with my singing every time.

Got to love the obsession with putting things in and out constantly. We just try to keep her away from the garbage because it's really fun to put things in...sure gets a reaction from mom!

Of course, decorating the cake was a highlight of the family party. For Alice, we made a flower out of our puzzel cake.

What did we serve for dinner for our 1 year old's birthday? Tuna casserole on animal plates...she thought it was great!!! Okay, so she couldn't wait for dad to get home so she ate before the rest of us but what more could you want than mom's 100% attention while you're eating!


Okay, so we kind of cheated. For the "cake dig" part we only gave her one piece of our puzzel cake! So much cleaner!

And the dilema ever since we had more than one kid...what can we possibly get for child #2 or #3? Don't we have everything and more than we need?!? Well, she would have just gotten diapers for her birthday but I ran across this fun little toy on a post Christmas clearance and the mommy side of me decided we had to give her something. Now the clutter-free side of me is wondering how we ever got so many toys in our little house?!?!

Anyways, another happy day!

(We have 3 birthdays in 2 weeks in our house so 2 to go!)


Skye L. said...

Your girls are darling! Hayes saw the picture of Alice and her new toy and he sat here for five minutes just looking at the toy and telling me how to play with it. Maybe I'll have to look for one for one of their birthdays :)

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Alice is such a babe. She looks alot like Hayley to me. I still love those cakes! I need to look them up! I love you a ton and miss you!