Friday, February 6, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning! Rise & Shine!

As a kid, I remember that we always had to pose for a picture on the stairs before we could go down to see if Santa had come. We lined up in order with the youngest in front. Sometimes we were just so excited it was hard not to run over the little ones as we tried to run down the stairs after the picture was taken.

This year we had Barbie-mania at our house. I found a great deal on a whole box of used barbies & furniture that were in great shape on Craigslist. I've been saving it since August so it was fun to finally set it all up!

One thing I loved about Christmas at home was that Dad and Mom would always blow up a bunch of balloons and throw them in the room. Not like there wasn't enough chaos with all of us and the presents. Somehow the balloons just made it feel like a party. So, now I find myself blowing up balloons on Christmas Eve. It came in especially useful when we only had one kid and the room felt empty no matter how many present we bought! Isn't it fun to have traditions!

Maya got a bike helmet for Christmas. She's been wanting one for a little while and was so excited to finally have it that she kept it on for a couple hours! She even ran outside to try it out on her bike in her really wasn't warm!

Hayley's school had a secret present shop. The kids could buy presents for their family and friends without any help from mom and dad. It was fun to get this pretty rose from Hayley that opened and had little diamond stud earrings in it. She was so excited. The girls also made me really pretty bookmarks and laminated them. I love them...I never knew that I'd really like little homemade things from kids as much as I do!

One new tradition we've introduced the last couple years in our house is that we all just stay in our pj's all day! I think we've gotten dressed the years that we've had family staying with us. It's so fun to just be completely lazy. The kids think it's great!

We love that Target now sells British Christmas Crackers so we can all look silly in our paper hats during Christmas dinner and read jokes that make no sense!


Andy and Krista said...

Wow JaNae! Way to go...such cute posts! You will have to explain the British Christmas Crackers to me sometime...I have never seen anything like that! Looks like fun!

Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Target sells them!! Wow, I am excited for next year!! xxx

Kayelynn said...

I'm glad you all had a fun Christmas! I enjoyed reading about all your holiday traditions! We did the pj thing, too, this year! Isn't it great?