Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Maya!

I'm so excited that Maya is 3! I love 3 years old and love this little girl. I'm so lucky to be able to spend every day with her. It's so fun to watch her grow and learn and become such a great little person.

Making and decorating your own birthday cake is becoming part of our tradition. Here's the masterpiece. (This puzzle cake set that a friend gave me is really fun...remember Yoda?...and there's another one to come!)

I just love the look of surprise that we caught here. She was opening a My Little Pony toy that she's been admiring in the store for a long time. Yeah!

Modeling her new full set of princess accessory queen!

The weather cooperated and gave Maya the first real snow this year. Hurray!!! Hayley had the day off school so we were going to head downtown to visit Maya's favorite museum exhibit (the new ocean hall in the Natural History Museum) but once the girls saw the snow they didn't want to waste the day indoors. So Dad found an awsome sled and headed home from work early to play in the snow. Couldn't have a better birthday!

Then we had a quick little cake and ice cream party with one of Maya's friends, Claire.

We taught the kids how to have a three legg-ed race and played a few other fun games. Then gabbed half the night with Claire's parents. (Don't you love it when your kids are friends with kids that have fun parents?!? )

All in all...a fun birthday.


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Where did you find the cake puzzles? They are so cool!

JaNae said...

My friend gave it to me but you can get them at Michaels--They are Wilton brand "Puzzle Cakes" There's different ones. Ours comes with patterns for girly cakes but with some imagination you can make anything you want. So fun. It also make serving up the cake so easy. Everyone grab a cupcake!

Tammy said...

I love the picture of her with the shoes!