Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Fat Mess 2008

Ryan's family has a traditional "Big Fat Mess" every New Year's Eve. It started a hundred years ago (okay, not really, maybe 20+???)...I think the name was shortened from First Annual Traditional Messick New Year's Eve Party. Basically we have lots of fun Mexican food--exactly what changes every year (most years we make it all but we have been known to pick it up from a restaurant!)

This year, we all gathered at Gina's house (Ryan's sister). Ryan's mom was still in town from Christmas and his other sister Rhonda and her baby Ruby flew in that night.

I didn't take pictures of the great food except dessert....flan made by Kirtis. I was shocked at how much I liked it! Absolutely amazing! I think this one needs to be a repeat--save the recipe Kirits...but make 2 next time...1 for me!

Alice has so many little girl cousin's her age (as I've mentioned before...we had a baby boom in both of our families in 2008!). It was fun to get these three little girls together.
Avery (Gina's) & Alice.

Alice, Avery, & Ruby (Rhonda's)
No pictures of this but just for memories sake I have to say we played a hoppin' game of "Guesstures". I remember playing this game all the time as a teenager. It was the old standby when we had a crowd over. Guess all the practice paid off 'cause we smoked the other team! Rhonda and I had ESP that night...I know what you're thinking Rhonda! j/k Anyways, lots of good laughs.

I had never done this before I married into the Messick clan...but they all go outside and bang pots and pans on New Years Eve. Anyone else out there do that? Since we have little kids we just do it at the end of the party instead of midnight. The kids usually look at us like we're crazy for a minute and then start having fun banging! We luaghed, took a picture then hopped in the van and zoomed home to our warm beds. Fun Night!

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Tammy said...

Thanks for posting this! It's fun having someone articulate our traditions.