Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up & Over...Pushing...Walking

Wow! How time flies! I love watching babies speedy progression starting around 9 or 10 months. And since I haven't been posting regularly for the last 2 months...let me show you what has changed!!!

At the beginning of November, when Alice was 9 months she was loving crawling into tiny spaces (under chairs, under the piano bench, between the couch and the wall) and either getting stuck or finding ways to get up and over and out.

At 10 months old (during December), she loved to pull up to anything and everything. She would create "walkers" out of any toy or chair that would move when she pushed it along. Walking is just around the corner...


January 6th, 2009: 11 months old. Alice started taking multiple steps in a row. (You'll notice my cell phone is always the bait we use to get her to walk...she'll do just about anything to get a hold of it!) She's a cute little solid walker. She's been standing on her own for so long (just not moving forward) that her little walk is super solid now. It's so fun to watch this stage. Every day she gets a little braver as she lets go and walks further distances. We love to watch you go girl!


I know you won't all watch all the videos, but just for the's how she's progressed in the last month from that first uneasy step (the last clip is the best if you're just picking one)...


Taken 2 days before her 1st birthday...she's cruisin' now!


Rhonda said...

Alice is such a cutie! I love all of the pictures and videos. I can't believe that she is one! Ruby was sitting here while I was reading these posts and I said "That's Alice." She pointed to her and said "Alsis!" I think Ruby misses her cousin! Love you!

Tyson M said...

she would be fun to have around collin -- he is just starting this phase and crawling like mad -- he will be walking in no time, now we have to baby proof the house that is impossible to baby proof.